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Design West / Embedded Systems Conference

I will have the opportunity to attend the Design West / Embedded Systems Conference this year. The conference will be held in San Jose, CA from April 22-25. The lineup of presenters is a veritable whos-who of the embedded systems world and I am excited to get the chance to interact with them in person.

The full list of classes and seminars is most easily accessed via their schedule builder. There are so many interesting activities and seminars that just choosing between them is remarkably difficult.

Jack Ganssle (The famous firmware guru) will be offering a whole day seminar on Monday. I saw this lecture a few years ago and despite my desire to stay up to date with the state of the art it might be worth it to split up my day into other activities. Specifically:

  • Principles and Practices of Hardware/Firmware Interface Design

    • I am always looking for ways to shave component cost from designs while keeping noise low and accuracy high.
  • Hands-on Test Driven Development in C
    • Over the years I have become confident in most agile methodologies. Specifically for its impact on risk mitigation and quality assurance. Test-first development is called for in some implementations, yet C is fairly cumbersome for the job. I hope to learn a few best practices or workarounds here.

The remaining days are partitioned out into 1-2 hour seminars on a variety of topics. Over the coming days I will solidify my schedule emphasizing the “bare-metal” boundary of hardware and firmware.


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