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Chart Project

I have been working behind the scenes on the site quite a bit recently. First, I established version control using SVN to a server in house. SVN helps to naturally break up large tasks into smaller chunks which is just the kind of help we need here.

Next, I established Eclipse with PDT as my PHP editor for this wordpress installation. It is a bit tricky getting the databases to play well. Right now I have an entirely separate install of wordpress that I am running and debugging my changes on. This doesn’t allow me to see the effects of my changes on things with a live DB, but I suppose if I was worried about such things that I could copy or seed one on to my dev machine. For now, I will use the dev machine to test out some of the more nuts and bolts operations and use SVN to version control the main site.

Finally, the whole motivation for finding a reliable editor and debugger is because I would like to put up some real time streaming data. To this end, I would like to introduce the Chart Project. The goals of the project are as follows:

  1. Create a page to efficiently display real-time incoming data
  2. The data should be retrieved from an external database (not on localhost)
  3. New data should be generated and submitted to the database periodically

I’ll be making a page for this project. Just as a teaser for item #1, see the below graph for an idea of what I have created on my dev machine.


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